Castle Pines Community Church –


Endorsement by Senior Pastor, “Our church has grown a great deal since moving into our facility and I believe the outstanding, creative design of our facility has been a significant factor. We have an aesthetically and functionally beautiful design. Mr. Lee captured the Urban loft meets Colorado lodge vibe. Your creative use of angles enables us to get maximum stage and worship capacity. Pragmatically, you nailed every inch, but did so in a way that is aesthetically beautiful. The biggest compliment is that once people come inside, they cannot believe they are in a strip mall. No need to change anything.”

This tenant finish project was inside a retail center in Castle Pines, Colorado. The 5,900 square foot design included a 200-seat multipurpose meeting space, three classrooms, an atrium, an office, and an upper room youth center. The coffee bar and fireplace are a “hit” in the meeting place. Extensive volunteer labor was used to minimize costs.

A new building has been planned for this church. It includes 23,700 square feet with a 350-seat multipurpose auditorium, atrium, 15 classrooms, and seven offices. The sloped site utilizes entrances and parking at the main level and walk-out basement.

Robert Lee served as Senior Architect and Project Manager for these projects while at SLATERPAULL Architects. Both design concepts were created by Robert.

creating “IN” architecture:

where people want to hang-out and join-in