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At robertLEEarchitects, Robert Lee and Cindy Day continue to create contemporary design that people want to be in. The places are for hanging-out with friends and family to learn, worship, serve, and to live to the fullest. It is called “IN-architecture” where people are encouraged by natural light and materials, and colorful and complex designs that give people energy. See below how each building is designed with its own balance of INspiration, INvitation, and INtention.

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INspiration —

Our contemporary designs inspire people to learn, to worship, and to change the world. At CastlePinesCommunityChurch, young and old rock to a contemporary worship team in a retail center. At St. Andrew United Methodist Church, the congregation worships with hymns, a pipe organ, and choir. At Drake Middle School, children are challenged to push themselves no matter what level learning they have had before.

 The Pastor for Faith Community Church wrote of their inspirational setting,

“We found Robert Lee to be an individual of

exceptional ability and integrity.

We regularly receive compliments on both

the beauty and practicality of our facilities.

It inspires us to worship.”

INvitation —

Great contemporary design also create places people want to be in. We have a proven track record of attracting people. Nearly all of our church clients have experienced significant growth by providing places that invites and welcomes guests and regulars. Nearly all school and church projects have included specially designed hang-out spaces for congregating with friends and family. Comfortable furniture, warm colors, and an abundance of natural light and materials encourage everyone to connect, enjoy themselves, and support each other. We couple the artistry of architecture with scientifically proven design principles that grow organizations.

An Associate Pastor for Mission Hills Church wrote:

“They have designed a superb building for our congregation.

Our auditorium brings us together as a big family

and the foyer space is great for true Christian fellowship.

Both spaces encourage assimilating our guests.”

INtention —

Finally for great contemporary design, each place works as intended. The great design combine invitation and inspiration with functionality and constructability. This practicality, or INtention, is driven by fulfilling project-wide goals for each place. They keep people comfortable, are durable, and maintain the construction budget, while functioning as intended.

  • Budget… Tight construction budgets require cost-effective design principles and materials.
  • Durability… Like St. Andrew United Methodist Church, our can be designed to have a 100 year design life with minimal on-going maintenance.
  • Super-Energy Efficiency… As a certified Passive House consultant, Robert Lee regularly designs energy efficient structures with minimal increase in initial construction costs.

A Cherry Creek District Official wrote an endorsement of Cindy Day’s ability to design schools where students grow. Her work on an alternative high school, The Ranch, provided the following comments,

“Your attention to detail contributed greatly to the

on-time and on-budget performance of the job.

Your keen sensitivity to the mission of the school district

resulted in a functional and aesthetically pleasing facility that

will be a community asset while maximizing

every student’s opportunity to learn.”


creating “IN” architecture:

where people want to hang-out & join-in